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With Virtual Ant you no longer have to get your hands dirty with XML to create or edit Ant build scripts. Work in a completely virtualized environment similar to Windows Explorer and run your tasks on a Virtual File System to see what they do, in real time, without affecting your real file system. The actual Ant build script is generated in the background.
As easy as Windows Explorer

Virtual Ant provides an environment similar to Windows Explorer. Everything you do on it takes place in a virtual file system (VFS) without affecting your real file system. The VFS completely emulates your real file system, so you can delete files, move them around, archive them, jar them or do really anything in a highly intuitive way and without worrying about the effects on your real File system. Everything you do is recorded as an Ant task, so you no longer need to look into manuals for task descriptions.

Play with Time

Virtual Ant's virtual file system runs in a different timeline from the real file system. So you can move back and forth in time, shuffle tasks around and see the effects on the virtual file system in real time, all without affecting your real file system.

No more XML

No longer do you have to deal with lines and lines of XML code. Virtual Ant's windows explorer style environment allows you to work in an intuitive manner without needing you to learn anything new or read any manuals. Share build scripts among team members and they can play them in Virtual Ant and instantly see what's happening without having to grok all that XML.

Insane Speed

Everything inside Virtual Ant's virtual file system happens many orders of magnitude faster than the real file system. So when you run your java compiler within Virtual Ant on hundreds of java source files, you see the resulting .class files in the blink of an eye.

Share Scripts easily

Now you can share build scripts easily with your team members. No longer does anyone have to read through wads of xml to figure out whats going on in the script. Your team members can play the scripts inside Virtual Ant and easily see whats going on and make changes to the script.

Compatible with your existing scripts

You can open and edit your existing Ant build scripts inside Virtual Ant. Thus you get instantly productive.

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