ANTLR Studio for Eclipse
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Feature Highlights

Fluid Debugger: The revoutionary, never seen before Fluid debugger allows you to debug ANTLR grammars along with java code.
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TypeOnce: Do you still use code complete in other IDEs? TypeOnce is different and offers far more productivity.
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Lexer Wizard: Create highly complex lexers within minutes.
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Live Syntax Diagrams: Watch syntax diagrams getting formed in real time as you type your code. And not only that, they are smart too!
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Highly Integrated: Highest possible level of integration with Eclipse. An experience like never before!

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Other Languages:
Want to generate code in languages other than Java (e.g., C++,C#)?
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Read the blog of Prashant Deva, the author of ANTLR Studio.
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Awards & Testimonials

“Very,Very impressive... stunning...”
- Dr. Terence Parr, Creator of ANTLR

“WOW! Absolutely fantastic...”
-Rodney Aiglstorfer, Co-founder and CTO, mFoundry Inc.

“I really love this tool... it has made my job so much easier...”
-Andrew Wright, Extraquest Corp.