No more Ctrl+Space

Does your java ide require you to press Ctrl+Space each time you want to auto complete? Not ANTLR Studio! With TypeOnce technology inside ANTLR Studio the completions pop up automatically as you type. Just press Enter to select one of them or just keep typing naturally.

You will never want to go back to that Java editor!

Note: TypeOnce completions pop up automatically only at the begining of a word. You can still press Ctrl+Space when you are in the middle or the end of a word, or if you want to know the completions available at a location.

Specially built for Top-Down development

TypeOnce is specially designed to support your favorite style of writing grammars, the top-down style.

Most IDEs require you to declare the variables before they show up for auto completion. Obviously this method wont work in top-down development where you usually refer the variable before you declare it. Thats why TypeOnce just asks you to type the rule name once, anywhere, and it will show up for completion next time.

This way you get auto completions even when you are declaring a new rule!

Minimum Keystrokes

We have done our absolute best to ensure that you have to press the minimum no of keystrokes to type your grammar.

For example, when you delcare a new rule and press the ':' a Declare Rule auto complete pops which completes the outline of the rule declaration for you and positions the cursor in the right place so that you right away start typing the definition of the rule.

Figure 1

Figure 2

See the options

Still confused about what options are available at a particular context. Not anymore! With ANTLR Studio you just press Ctrl+Space inside the options section and it will show you all the valid options available at that point.

Parser Options


Rule Options

Auto Complete AST nodes

Typing '#' inside the 'actions' section shows the list of labels and tokens that can be translated to AST nodes.

Auto Complete inside Tokens Section

TypeOnce even works inside the 'tokens' section.

It shows a list of tokens that you have used but not yet defined in your grammar.

Auto Complete Macros

Typing a '$' inside an action shows the list of macros available

Works with imported vocabularies

Is your lexer defined in a different grammar file? No problem! ANTLR Studio can correctly recognize and work with imported vocabularies.

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