Enhanced Syntax Highlighting

Enhanced highlighting brings ANTLR grammars to life. Each section of the grammar is highlighted differently from the rest, thus allowing you to differentiate between java code, antlr code, rule options, etc.

And not only that, each section also behaves differently with respect to auto-indenting, auto complete, formatting,etc.

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Quick Fixes offer you solutions to the errors in your code. They can do things like declaring undeclared non terminals, or declaring undeclared terminals inside the lexer or the tokens section. This way you can declare all the terminals used in your parser/treeParser inside the lexer with just one keystroke, thus allowing you to develop in a top down manner.

Content Outline

Watch the outline view of your grammar update dynamically as you type.

Quick Outline

The normal outline view takes a lot of space. So we have quick outline in ANTLR Studio. Just press Ctrl+O and a box pops up, where you just start typing the name of the rule you want to jump and it is filtered out. You can even use * as a wildcard here, e.g. - p*e.

Warnings and errors

Watch warnings and error markers appear automatically as you type your grammar.

Auto Indenting

Although ANTLR grammars dont have opening and closing braces like java or c++ to guide the editor to do auto indenting, but still ANTLR Studio figures out how you want the rules to be indented. And not only that, auto-indenting works inside other sections of the grammar too, e.g. your java code, exactly as it should.

Automatically complete braces,brackets, quotes,etc

ANTLR Studio automatically completes ending braces, brackets, quotes, etc so you can be more productive.

Go to Rule

Right-click on a rule name and select "Go to Rule" (or press F3) and you will be taken to the rule's definition.

Same Keyboard Shorcuts

ANTLR Studio uses the same keyboard shortcuts as your java editor, so you dont have to get used to new ones!


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