Handle Whitespace

Handle whitespace with ease inside your lexer. The Lexer Wizard allows easy and full control over what you want to do with whitespace in your grammar.

Allow Comments

Want to add comments to your language? The Lexer Wizard make it extremely simple to add both single and multi line comments to your language.

Allow Strings

Allowing strings inside your language is now a matter of ticking a checkbox.
Whats more, the Lexer Wizard even allows you to define the escape characters allowed within the strings.

Add identifiers

No longer do you have to write complex rules to declare identifiers. The Lexer Wizard makes defining identifiers a walk in the park. Whats more, it even allows you to test it on the spot!

Add literals

Add literals using the Lexer Wizard is easy. Not only that, each time you invoke it, it automatically fills the list with the name of the undefined tokens in your grammar. So you just have to fill in the blanks!

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