You need to enable ANTLR Studio
on each Java Project to use it
with that project.

Please read and agree to the terms of the license agreement before downloading ANTLR Studio.

Update site url -
Click here for instructions on using the update site to install ANTLR Studio.

Manual download - (2.4 mb)
Click here for instructions on manually installing ANTLR Studio.

Software Requirements:
Java Virtual Machine (JVM) 1.5 or higher
Eclipse 3.1 or higher

You will need a valid license file to run ANTLR Studio.
The download does not contain a license file.

To get a 20 day evaluation license click here.

To purchase Single User Licenses, click here .

Open Source License
Click here here for details on obtaining a free, non commercial license for your open source projects.

Existing users of ANTLR Studio 1.0 can upgrade to 1.1 for free.
Even existing evaluation licenses can be used with version 1.1.
Click here for instructions on upgrading.