What do those colors mean?

When you run a target in Virtual Ant, you will see a few different colors in the play area. Here is an explanation of what each one stands for.

If the running task/target is any other color than green/white, you can hover your cursor over it to see a message popup.

Hover your cursor over a task/target when its red/yellow to see its message

This is what the colors mean -

For a task

  • Green - Running, without errors
  • Red - Running, with errors
  • Orange - No Virtual Task found. Virtual Ant runs 'virtual' versions of each task. It wont execute any task which has not been virtualized

For a target

  • Green - All tasks are running, without errors
  • Red - At least one of the running tasks has an error in it.
  • Yellow - Either the 'if' or the 'unless' condition could not be specified. You could turn off checking for the conditions by clicking on the 'Player Options' button.