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Debugger video finally out !!!

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

So finally i manage to complete the debugger :)
You can view the video on the videos page.

Reason for delay- yes, i did say in the previous post that it would be out in 2 days but i encountered some heavy problems.
As you probably know that while some areas of Eclipse are very well documented, for others there is absolutely none at all.

The debug model is one of them. Actually my first design of the AS debugger was pretty compliant to what was written in the javadoc. And i had almost completed everything including all the modifications to antlr whne i made the last blog post, thinking happily that the debugger was done.
But that was not to be ;(. After completing almost everything, i ran the debugger and hell all the buttons in the gui would disable for no apparent reason.
So after 3 full days and nights of going through the internals of eclipse and jdt debug models, experimenting with code and shouting on eclipse newsgroups, it dawned on me that i will have to take the dreadful step of changing everything.
So i did that, and well it seems that the final solution is pretty damn close to the one i originally took, but i will never forgive the eclipse developers for documenting the debug model so badly!!!

But i the end i am just happy to have the debugger working exactly as i wanted it to :)
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