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Login area updated with new design

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

As you might have noticed, previously the login area had not been updated with the new design and looked well... crappy to say the least.

But not anymore. The login area has been totally redone to fit in with the new look of the site. Enjoy :)
(And dont forget to tell me if you come across some bad links somewhere).

Also note that the period of evaluation has been decreased from 15 day to 11 day. It turns out that antlr studio allows a bit too rapid development. A lot of users were getting their entire work done in the evaluation period itself and that leave much encouragement to buy the full version.

Although the trial period has been reduced I am pretty confident that it is more than enough to get to know all the features of ANTLR Studio.
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Antlr 2.7.6 released!

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Well, antlr 2.7.6 has been finally released, after some inital build disasters. Apparently Terence had some problems in his build system. The RC2 build had one antlr package inside another, so for e.g. - antlr.Tool became antlr.antlr.Tool. But the final build had even more problems with the files in the 'antlr' package missing completly! So 'antlr.Tool' did not exist. Of course this did baffle some new users but the problem was soon corrected.
So if you are one of those who got the early build of antlr 2.7.6 final and cant seem to get it working, download it again to get the updated build.

Ok, enough of that. Lets talk about whats new in this release.

The most major change is the support for ANTLR Studio. A new package 'antlr.ASdebug' has been added. This is solely to support debugging with ANTLR Studio. The current antlr studio release has a slightly modified build of antlr 2.7.5 with this package added, which is why its called There are some other minor tweaks to the code too to make it work with the Flux Debugger.

There are other minor tweaks too, like the code generators have been updated to fix minor bugs. But mainly this release is to make it compatible with ANTLR Studio.

But of course you cant use 2.7.6 with ANTLR Studio right away. An update will soon be released with support for 2.7.6. Existing users will be able to upgrade for free :)
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Who designed the website?

A few people are asking me whether it is actually me who dsigned the new site or did I take the help of some friend. I mean geeks dont design good looking sites, do they?

Well, let me assure you the web site has been done completly by me without any help from anyone. Also this is my very first shot at webdesign. When I started building the site I knew absolutely nothing about stuff like css, etc. As you can guess it was a tough ride... but not as much as creating ANTLR Studio though ;-)
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New website released

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Well, the new website is finally done, just in time for Christmas!
Till now although ANTLR Studio itself was great, the website really sucked. And a lot of users were not getting to know about all the features of AS. I mean not everyone has got the time to watch the videos.

So in the new site we got this 'Feature Tour' which goes through all the major parts of the AS and shows you what all it can do. A few pages like Syntax Diagrams, Flux Debugger even have animated gifs to show off all the functionality! I hope you like it :)

The sign up section is still plain as before as i write this. I will be updating it in a few days.

Oh and in the meantime Programmation Sous Linux magazine has given ANTLR Studio the 'Recommended Project' award! You can see it on the front page (the blue logo on the right).

How do you find the new design? Any comments or suggestions are welcome :)
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IE driving me insane!!!

Monday, December 19, 2005

I am busy preparing the new web site for Placid Systems.
And of course being a true geek, I had to use the latest and greatest method of designing websites, CSS.

Ok, so first i spent a few days getting to know the css 'box model' and it all seemed pretty simple.
That is before i ran into the beast called IE.

I dont know who implemented CSS support in IE, but 'May he burn in hell'!!!
Seriously, IE is driving me insane! CSS code which seems perfectly logical and works absolutely fine in Firefox just doesnt seem to work in IE!
I always end up getting strange layouts like elements lying on top of each other instead of side by side.
And then begins the guessing game, where i have to keep putting random pieces of css in my code and trying until IE shows it correctly. The code needs to be random cause by then i would have already tried every logical method and failed.

There are so many pages where i have gotten so pissed off and just used tables to get it working in IE.

Although I have never liked IE, and never use it for browsing, my hatred for it this time has goen through the roof. I detest IE. I really hate spending the amount of time I have to just to make things work with IE. The world would be a better place if everybody used firefox.
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Jvm 1.5 *is* required

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Almost every day I get at least 1 email from somebody who complains that ANTLR Studio does not run on his pc. And everytime its the same problem, the guy hasnt got jvm 1.5 on his computer! Or even if he has it, he hasnt configured eclipse to use it, thus eclipse is running with some older vm.

Now, the download page clearly states in the 'Software Requirements' section that jvm 1.5 is required, but still some people always seem to ignore it. I think the only other way to make people notice it, is to put it inside 'h1' tags. Any other more sane suggestions to make people notice the requirements would be greatly appreciated.

Oh and I am telling this for the final time, if you got more than 1 version of jvm on your pc and you want to check which one Eclipse is using, go to Help->About Eclipse SDK->Configuration Details and look for the java.vm.version string.

And to make eclipse use a different vm just start it with the parameters
eclipse -vm /path_to/java_vm_5
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New videos!

Thursday, December 01, 2005

The videos page now has new videos.
These are from the antlr 2005 workshop and contain voice too!

The full video of the antlr 2005 workshop is available here.

I have still kept the old video of the 'editor tour' video because i feel its pretty concise and waould be nice for taking a quick look at AS, though I think you would enjoy the ANTLR 2005 video more.

About the new web site, I am still working on it. It should be complete by next week :)
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