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Jvm 1.5 *is* required

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Almost every day I get at least 1 email from somebody who complains that ANTLR Studio does not run on his pc. And everytime its the same problem, the guy hasnt got jvm 1.5 on his computer! Or even if he has it, he hasnt configured eclipse to use it, thus eclipse is running with some older vm.

Now, the download page clearly states in the 'Software Requirements' section that jvm 1.5 is required, but still some people always seem to ignore it. I think the only other way to make people notice it, is to put it inside 'h1' tags. Any other more sane suggestions to make people notice the requirements would be greatly appreciated.

Oh and I am telling this for the final time, if you got more than 1 version of jvm on your pc and you want to check which one Eclipse is using, go to Help->About Eclipse SDK->Configuration Details and look for the java.vm.version string.

And to make eclipse use a different vm just start it with the parameters
eclipse -vm /path_to/java_vm_5
posted by Prashant Deva, 11:00 AM


What about a check routine before the plug-in is used? This way a message could be displayed to "put the f.. 1.5 at work" :).
I know this is not that easy to implement with Eclipse, but AFAIK there are some tricks to achive this - I suppose the Eclipse gurus know how such a thing could be done (ask on the Eclipse mailing lists).

Yes, i know, it can be done.
But for that you either have to build a dedicated installer to check for it before installation or code another plugin which loads before yours and checks the version of the jvm.
Both are pretty hacky methods nonetheless.
But now with the new website, as I have stated this problem clearly and it is even on the faq section, hopefully i will get fewer mails ;)

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