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Catching up

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Well, yet again I have been so drowned in the swarm of activities that I couldnt take out time to keep my blog updated. But worry not, there are a lot of things coming up within the next few weeks to keep you hooked on!

  • First, of course is the new project I have been working on for quite a few months now. I wont disclose anything about it just yet but you will come to know a lot more about it in just a few more days ;)

  • Soon I am gonna be publishing a series of tutorials on IBM on designing IDEs and creating Eclipse plugins. We are gonna take a detailed look at the interiors of ANTLR Studio. If you are looking to design IDEs or develop Eclipse plugins or just plain want to figure out how some of the stuff inside ANTLR Studio works, then its a must read for you.

  • An update to ANTLR Studio can be expected around end of july which will support antlr 2.7.7. The update will be free for existing users of course.

  • Talking of ANTLR, ANTLR 3 seems to be making quite a bit of progress and we should see a beta release soon. Note that although the beta has a feature freeze, I have talked with Terence Parr, (author of ANTLR) and we will put in the 'incremental parsing' feature between 3.0 beta and 3.0 final.
So as you can see, quite a lot of stuff coming up! Keep this blog on your feed reader and you can be sure to catch the news as it happens :)
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