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Virtual Ant - Beta RELEASED !!!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Its finally here! After months of waiting we have finally released the beta version of Virtual Ant !!

If you havent seen the video yet, I would recommend you watch it first, otherwise you can head straight to the download page.

The current release is standalone only and does not contain any IDE integration. It is also not fully feature complete. But we thought it would be better to give you something rather than make you wait any longer.

We would absolutely love to get your feedback on Virtual Ant. You can post your queries/comments at the Virtual Ant google group or just email us at [email protected]

More later. Now I gotta go get some sleep ;)

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posted by Prashant Deva, 4:34 PM


Who is the target audience for Virtual Ant? People who are familiar with Ant already? Or is it targetted at getting people in to the 'ant/building' fold?

From the very beginning we have targeted both kinds of users.

If you are an absolute novice with build scripts, you can pick up Virtual Ant within a few minutes and start creating scripts like a pro.

If you are already familiar with Ant or have existing Ant build scripts, you can open them inside virtual ant to edit them in a friendly, visual environment. If you want to use any of the advanced features of Ant, they too are provided via an easy to use, friendly UI inside Virtual Ant.

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