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Antlr Studio at ANTLR 2005 Workshop

Sunday, October 16, 2005

I will be presenting ANTLR Studio at the ANTLR 2005 workshop on 20th October. I wont be there myself, but I have sent a video file containing the presentation. The file will be available for download once the workshop is finished. The video is in flash format just like the demonstration videos on the site.

It has a complete demo of AS with my voice in the background explaining all the philosphies behind every feature. Also the last part contains some stuff about how I managed to overcome some technical difficulties. Its particulaly interesting if you are an IDE developer :)

I guess I will replace the current demonstration videos with ones in the presentation. They explain the stuff far better.

Oh, and I am working real hard to do a final release before the workshop. Lets see how it goes. Time is running. So I will go work on it now and blog later ;-)
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