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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Ok for all those wanting to know the reasons for delay and what all is happening here, here they are-

1.) AS(Anltr Studio, hopefully u know the acronym by now) will be utilizing antlr 2.7.6 which has not been released yet. I talked to Terence and he is a little busy right now due to his classes so he will release it either this week or next. The good part in this is that i have proposed that the current TokenStream filters implement the methods needed to work with the AS debugger, so you dont need to have a separate 'DebugTokenStreamFilters' as is shown in the 4th demo, and it will work perfectly with ur existing code.

2.) But the blame is not entirely on Terence, i will shamelessly admit myself that i have been slacking off a bit the last week. I mean its been quite a while that i have been working to complete AS and now thats its finally done (at least all the features) i really needed a breather. The good part is that i have already beun researching for my next project, which is
really huge! If you liked AS then wait till u hear what i am up to next. Its a really big project and will take some time but the consequences will be huge. I will tell you more about it after the release of AS.

3.) Opening a firm ,or doing anything which even remotely involves the government for that matter, in india is a pain in the a**. I am currently looking for some online third partyy credit card processors. I have found SWREG so far. The guys at Cenqua also seem to use this. But if anyone knows of a better service please inform me.
As far as the name of the firm is concerned, i will keep it as a little surprise, but it starts with 'P' ;)
I really like that 'puzzle logo' which u see for AS, i am thinking of using it instead for my firm. Any thoughts on this?

4.) If u were a little shocked on reading the previous point, well yes, AS will be commercial. Final prices for the license have not been decided so please dont ask me yet.

5.) It seems i will need to write a bunch of articles for AS. The first one which i have already begun is a complete rewrite for the 'TypeOnce' article. The current one was written at 3 am when i was high on caffeine and doesnt explain anything about it at all. TypeOnce is not only about code complete. But i will explain all this later.

P.S - Please provide atleast a nick when you are commenting, so that i know whether the same person has posted or different persons. I know that even this can be abused with somebody using someone else's nick but i dont expect people to do that in here.

posted by Prashant Deva, 4:11 AM


Opening a firm ...

But if anyone knows of a better service please inform me
http://www.moneybookers.com seems to work even where other payment methods don't (e.g. paypal).

4.) If u were a little shocked on reading the previous point, well yes, AS will be commercial.
Well, at point 3. you didn't mentioned that AntlrStudio will be commercial. In fact I saw this never mentioned before :). And yes, I'm shocked too :).

I wish you good luck with selling of AS.
However, I don't think there's a 'business' in this. How many people/firms are using parsers for commerial purposes(and make money of it)? How many of them choose ANTLR?
Now how many of the remaining are willing to pay for it(considering that AntlrWorks looks pretty good, and it gets better)?

Just think about it. Lot's of developers make tools for free (to get fame), and than get good gigs. From the tools alone none would survive, but without them none would get so good gigs.

Just my 2 cents,


Thanks Ahmed.

Yes, i know there isnt much business with this thing.
Actually when i was making AS money was never really on my mind. I just wanted to create the best ever parser gen ide. I thought about the money part just recently. I have no idea though whether this thing will sell, if at all.

But there seem to be a few small guys who are selling parser gen ides - sand-stone.com, programmar.com, parsifalsoft.com. But then again i have no idea how much money they make.

Also Antlr Works is for antlr 3 which cant really be used currently, and AS wil get better with time too.

The firm is actually currently only me. Just thought that if i am selling it anyway then rather have a little 'branding' ;)

The real money making thing is my next project which i am currently researching on. I will give the details of it later.

And what exactly do u mean by 'gigs'? ;)

And what exactly do u mean by 'gigs'? ;)
Slang for a temporary job/project.
see this:

Of course it has more meanings - that's why it's used by programmers :).


I am not shocked. I believe one should be compensated for one's work. However, I will never pay for a 0.1 release which is likely of alpha quality (I say this with no direct basis except for having used software for the past 10 years).

Not only that, but the way you all of a sudden decided to make it commercial leads me to think that it is not well planned and it even sounds like a cash-grab to me.

With that in mind, I would hesitate to buy products from a company that cannot meet its own release dates. I work in an industry that cannot afford slips.

I was looking forward to being a part of this project and helping out, but now it seems I will have to be "stuck"
with emacs :)

However I wish you the best of luck and I will certainly be trying out the fully functional 30-day trials (hint, hint)


commented by Anonymous, 9:24 AM, August 26, 2005  

This is lame.
I'm totally dissapointed.
You feed the people with hope with your videos, than this move :(.
Sorry pal, not with me.

Ahmed is right: there's not business in selling that tool.
If the tool is so cool as you say, you could:
- sell consultance for Eclipse RCP or the other IDEs you will use as target( you can always use the plug-in to show how a good plug-in must be done)
- if you have the knowldege, write a book about parsers(/antlr)
- just use it as wow factor to sell other products that really have a market, or to get new projects as Ahmed said.

I suppose with your move, you scare away most users.

Even more, I think you should delete the post as quick as possible - to minimize the damage.

commented by Klaus, 9:29 PM, August 27, 2005  

there's reason in using opencode; i'm sure you found lots of it when you found tparr's tool. good luck in your commercial endeavor... you might still want to consider opening your source, and creating a community around your product... people might license it in use in their own products, or you could create community/commercial versions as it becomes more stable and integrated.


commented by jangst, 1:51 PM, August 28, 2005  

I will stick to vim :-)

commented by Anonymous, 2:24 PM, September 28, 2005  

did u just die :P

commented by Anonymous, 3:53 AM, October 06, 2005  

did you just die :P

commented by Anonymous, 3:53 AM, October 06, 2005  

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