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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Yes, its finally DONE !!!!

I am happy as hell now :-)

Note that you need a license file to run ANTLR Studio, the downloads dont contain a license file.
To get a license file, you can either purchase ANTLR Studio or get a 15 day evaluation license.
For the latter, go to placidsystems.com and create an account. If you purchase a license, an account is automatically created for you.
To install the license file, place it in the plugins/AntlrStudio_1.0.0 directory.

Once the purchase is made, an email is immediately sent to you with the license file attached, and an account is created for you based on the email address provided, that is if the account doesnt already exist.
Please note that the name/company on the license will be that which you provide during the time of purchase.

The final site, placidsystems.com is not fully ready yet, but it is functional. So i thought instead of wasting more time, I would release right away and keep updating the site gradually.

There still seems to be some problems with my hosting provider, sometimes the database goes down for a few minutes and you will find that you cannot log in, or sometimes the mail doesnt go. I have no idea why this stuff is happening, but I will be changing hosts soon, so all these problems should vanish. As for now, if you run into any of these just try again after some time.

Oh and by the way, I am using swreg.com to process my payments. They have this 'verification' process whereby they verify each new vendor to their system by making sure the first few orders were delivered properly, by calling up the customers. So dont be surprised if you get a call from them (Hopefully you wont say anything bad about me) :-)

I have set up a new forum to deal exclusively with ANTLR Studio issues (hopefully you wont run into any) so that we dont crowd the antlr mailing list.
In case of any problems feel free to contact me at pdeva at placidsystems.com .

Ok then, I am now off to answer those zillions of 'Inform me' emails :)
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