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indiatimes.com SUCKS!!!

Saturday, November 19, 2005

I woke up today morning, expecting to release AS... finally! It was a nice feeling after doing all that hard work and I expected a nice day ahead of me.

But I was in for a hell of a surprise!

I recently purchased a hosting account from indiatimes.com.

It seemed pretty cheap for the price they were selling it.

But at that time I didnt know what I was in for.

Firstly after purchasing I found out that my account wont be activated for 3 days!

Well, so is waited for 3 days and nothing happened. So I called up customer care, which is not a toll free no, mind you and it was STD calling rates for me as I am situated in a different state.

I had to make 7 calls of 10 minutes each and shout at the top of my voice till my account was finally activated!

But then I came across this another issue!

Everytime I need to deploy my .war file, I need to first upload it and then send them a 'support ticket', followed by a phone call to customer care and then they will deploy in 24 hours!!!

So well I create the placidsystems website and upload it today hoping to release ANTLR Studio. The first deployment is done pretty fast, and things are looking hopeful, until….

well firstly I get this 404 error when trying to access my page. So I give another call to customer care. The guy who picked up looks totally foxed and tells me there must be a problem with my code! I then tell him that the page is not even getting accessed so my code is not even getting executed! The guy finally transfers it to some technical guy, who tell me I need to use an arcane url like - placidsystems.com:8080/name_of_war_file/page.jsp

I mumble something and keep the phone down.

The site seems to be running now, but as soon as I try to create an account I get a JDBC exception.

Now there is some problem with the jdbc connection url.

I send another support ticket and 3 phone calls to find out the jdbc connection url.

The guy tells me now that my query will be answered in 24 HOURS!!!

And guess what tomorrow is Sunday, so now I cant release AS atleast until Monday now!!!!

And on top of that I need to 'undeploy' the existing war file and 'redploy' the new war file with the updated jdbc url. I don’t know how much time will this take!

At this point I feel like banging the cutomer care guy's head on the wall and stomp him with my feet!!! Where is that flamethrower…..

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