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Antlr Studio release information

Thursday, October 20, 2005

The site was down for the past 2 days cause my host was having some problems so i couldnt post this earlier.

This is for all the people who want to know the details of ANTLR Studio's release.

The beta has already expired. I had originally planned to release on 19th itself. But it seems it will take a few more days. It should be done by end of this week though.
There will be a fully functional 15 day evaluation available of Antlr Studio on release.
The cost of full version will be 49$.

Antlr Studio will be available at www.placidsystems.com (not available right now). On release antlrstudio.com will be redirected to placidsystems.com .
You will need to completly remove the beta of ANTLR Studio to install the final release, as the package names differ.

I have been unable to solve the conflict with the ANTLR Eclipse plugin, so you will need to uninstall that too.

Antlr Studio will ship with a very slightly modified redistributable version of antlr 2.7.5. None of the modifications will affect your programs. They are just basically a few access modifier changes and a new package has been added. The changes are reuqired only during debugging. So you can ship your release quality code with the 'official' antlr 2.7.5 and it will work just fine.

If you want to be automatically informed of the release of ANTLR Studio, please send me an email with the subject 'Inform Me'.
If you found some bugs while evaluting ANTLR Studio, you can still tell me and they will be cured before release.

For those who have already started working on projects with ANTLR Studio and were counting on the 19th release you can send me a reuqest for a special beta and I will provide you a special evaluation version which wont expire till final version is released.
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