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Will you still use Swing in Windows Vista?

Thursday, January 19, 2006

With the release of Windows Vista coming closer and closer, I was thinking about the debate between SWT and Swing.
Will you still use Swing in Windows Vista? I look at the current default UI produced by Swing on my xp machine and it looks like the 90s. SWT of course, on the other hand produces native fast GUIs which are exactly the look and feel of windows.

So with Vista coming up with nice 3d accelerated GUIs will you still continue using the back and beyond GUI that comes with Swing or will you switch to SWT?
posted by Prashant Deva, 8:20 AM


dont worry, the guys at sun are watching you..i am sure they would wake up this this idea and do something about it. awt was useless, swing is like a bloody steam engine in the era of hybrid stuff. i wonder when would they realise that normal people use normal computers and not any of the high end crap they use to develop their stuf

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