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No more 'Flux' in the Flux Debugger

Friday, February 24, 2006

It turns out that the word 'Flux' is trademarked by fluxbpm.com. They have requested me to change the name of Flux Debugger to something else.

I have agreed to the name change and it will take affect on the day of release of ANTLR Studio 1.1.0, which apparently will be released next week.

The term Flux was coined by me when looking for synonyms for something that would denote the union of Java & ANTLR while debugging.

Another name I had thought for the debugger was-
Conjoined Debugger

But I am open to other suggestions too. So if any of you can think of another name for ANTLR Studio's debugging technology, I am all ears for it :-)

Also could someone tell me how to verify if the new name I choose is already trademarked or not?
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