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Antlr 3 and ANTLR Studio

Sunday, April 30, 2006

Lately I have been getting quite a few mails asking me the future of Antlr Studio with respect to antlr 3. So here is my reply to all of them -

ANTLR Studio will support Antlr 3, but only when it is stable enough.

Currently antlr 3 is in pre beta stages. There are way too many changes being made to it right now for me to go in and make an IDE on top of it. It would crazy if I were to create an ide for antlr 3 right now, release it and then keep changing and updating it every month to keep track with the latest developments on antlr 3.

I know that the antlr 3 link on the main page of antlr.org and the promise of a beta release this summer does get you excited about antlr 3, but please note that it would still be only a beta release and not a final stable version.

ANTLR Studio is built to allow you to create antlr grammars in a production quality environment and I certainly don’t want to do a release which uses beta components. If you haven't noticed yet, the redistributable version of antlr that comes with antlr studio 1.1 is version and not 2.7.6. It turns out that the original antlr 2.7.6 had a bug in it which would have caused quite a few headaches to people developing antlr grammars and so it was decided that for ANTLR Studio users atleast this bug would be cured and that's why the updated version number.

Thus you can guess I am certainly not in favor of doing a release which will eventually cause more head aches than pleasure, so currently it is better to stick to ANTLR Studio 1.1 and antlr 2 and when things are stable enough you will get an ANTLR Studio for antlr 3 too :)

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